Steve (Animal) Charlton #151

Club Animal

Diamond Creek, Victoria




Steve has been a long term campaigner on the salt at the wheel of the "Club Animal" C/PRO XA GT Falcon. The 351 which powers the GT, often seeing dual duty being fitted to the "Club Animal" boat for the Southern 80 Ski boat races. In 1996 his best speed was 142.48MPH, a big improvement in 1998 saw 162.339MPH, with a similar effort in 1999 of 160.613MPH. 2000 saw the best speed of 165.623MPH with the car competing for the last time in 2001 of a best speed of 158.481. The GT was retired after the 2001 event and work began on a new car.

In 2003 Steve brought his postie bike to the salt and ended up as the tender vehicle for Leigh Russell and his diminutive multiple record holding Suzki. Then in 2004 he crewed for his Dad, Ray Charlton with his record breaking 32 Ford Roadster. 2005 saw a return to racing, teaming with Daryl Chalmers and Stewart Pennycook who had just finished a new Falcon race car which ran a very respectable 164 MPH first time out with Steve behind the wheel.

Steve has also taken on the unofficial role of Auctioneer for the Speed Week Charity night. Each year members and supporters donate items to be auctioned, with most gaining far more than their retail price. There are some truly unique items offered and the auction raises a considerable amount of money for the running of the event.

Animal was Vice President in 2002 and 2003. In 2009 he also took on the position of Race Director.


Year Vehicle Class MPH Record
1996 XA Ford GT Falcon C/PRO 142.48 137.84
1998 XA Ford GT Falcon C/PRO 162.339 142.48
1999 XA Ford GT Falcon C/PRO 160.613 162.339
2000 XA Ford GT Falcon C/PRO 165.623 163.383
2001 XA Ford GT Falcon C/PRO 158.481 168.123
2002 BUS   66.57  
2005 03 EF Ford Falcon C/PRO 164.533 190.184
2005 32 Ford Roadster C/STR 140.012 178.076
2006 03 EF FALCON C/PRO 184.614 193.579
2006 32 Ford Roadster C/STR 170.672 189.294
2009 Lakester D/GL 201.274 154.526
2010 Lakester D/GL 212.854 201.274
2011 Lakester D/GL Washed Out 212.854
2012 Lakester D/GL Washed Out 212.854
2013 Lakester D/GL - 212.854

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.





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