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Latest news

Larry O'Toole (Graffiti Publishing) Just back from the salt lake with exciting news. John Lynch finally got his 300 mph in his bellytank lakester, going 301.729 on Tuesday afternoon. We stood at the four mile marker on the rocky outcrop and watched him go through - awesome. Much excitement and celebration in the pits afterwards and the whole emotional scene captured by the Aussie 60 Minutes crew who were filming out there all week. I had Ryan Pierse with me who works for Getty Images, a worldwide news photo service, see pictures below.

The 2005 DLRA Speed Trials were featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday 3rd April at 7:30pm EST. (transcript)

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Rod Ramblings

Without doubt the last 6 weeks have been the busiest of my life, returning home from the United States, (where I have been setting up a base and campaigning car shows since Christmas) two weeks prior to Lake Gairdner.

We had worked hard to get the salt car ready to go before Christmas, so checks were make, truck and trailer packed and then off. This year was by far the biggest yet with many pre-entries and many phone calls indicating that entries would go to an all time high, with over 100 drivers in the finish. I rang Len and Joy at the station prior to the meeting to warn them to be ready for an approximate 25% increase on the previous year which proved to be correct.

It was a credit to the early arrivals who had things ready to go by Monday, you know who you are, thanks on behalf of everyone. John Dawson and the other scrutineers did a sterling job and many people noted your efforts. Peter and Cled did a top job also (as usual), Andy in the camp had things working and kept the toilets rotating, not the job everybody envies, thanks Andy.

What about John Lynch's run? Congratulations John, well done, thanks to everyone for working with the 60 minutes team, special thanks to President Rob who kept things running and was, as in the past, left to finish the packing up. What a sterling job Joy and Len did at the canteen, I just hope they can continue the quality, variety and price, why would you even consider taking food?

A special thanks to Steve Charlton (Animal), once again in all his roles, he did a top job with the auction raising approximately $5,000.00, if and when everyone pays their bills.

Wasn't it great to see U.S. members, Gail and Al Phillips there, along with Tex Smith and Ron Ceridono (from American Rodder), also new U.S. member Peter Aardema who is considering campaigning a car here next year.

Talking to Len after the meeting, he was quite happy, except for those mindless few who threw cans and bottles from their vehicles along the road requiring people to stop and retrieve them, plus a few didn't knock the salt from their vehicles when leaving the lake and dropped it along the track and at the canteen, please rectify this in future if you are guilty.

Our team drove all Friday night to get home, a quick clean of the car and truck, unpack and jump into our '32 Roadster to be on "Chainsaw Bob's" Rod Run from Berwick to Southport in Queensland for the Street Rod Nationals. Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with Bob Ellis and members of his team who had their Falcon on display in one of the pavilions along with a video showing the public what we are about. Well done Bob and thanks for flying the flag for the club.

We also met up with Matthew Saunders there, Matthew has attended many of our members as a spectator, but this year arrived with his own car and although not until Thursday he got all his licensing passes in and his Son also got to steer, so they were happy, their V8 Holden powered Fiat Toppolino is a good looking car and when finished will be a winner. Matthew already has a record in his previously uncontested class.

Back home from the Nats Carol is working around the clock getting everything in order, banking, accounts, minutes, memberships (we now have 473 members), letters etc. We received a letter from the Government regarding our Leaded Fuel Passbook system, which they are extending for another 12 months if we wish to apply, so you know which box we ticked there, so keep the fuel book you currently have.

We have found a Dyno strong enough which bolts to the axle flanges off the diff of our Commodore to get some figures on the motor and fuel combination before we pull it down, this machine also measures the rear squat on the car under full power, this will enable us to get parts when I go back to the States if needed. We will return home in July to catch up on all the paperwork and a general meeting before returning in August to attend Bonneville and the U.S. Street Rod Nationals in Kentucky.

My current U.S. phone number is: 0011 1 714 936 0074, if you need me to get anything a container will be coming back to Australia at the end of the year.

We have had a committee meeting since the March event and have picked vehicles for next years T Shirts and posters, arranged a mid year general meeting, got the drivers list off to Peter Noy so that certificates can be printed and posted, all our current accounts have been paid, if you have any outstanding money owing please get it into us as soon as possible to make the club financial.

I was a bit disappointed that the 60 minutes program didn't give any recognition on the history of the club, but at least they didn't give any reason for repercussions, which was always the worry.

I sincerely hope that by the time you are reading this that our website and Newsletter co-ordinator problems are sorted out, Greg has done a wonderful job over the years and I just wish he could have continued.


Stewards Report

Available soon.


RESULTS Report  Results  Photos 

official Results of DLRA Speed Trials, March 14th - 18th 2005 - Peter Noy, Chief Timer.
Any application for amendments to these results must be made on the Results and Records Amendment Form.

56 vehicles and 93 drivers entered

Records shown are either Open or a Record prior to this meeting.
Speeds shown in RED are records set for this year

Driver No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
Rod Hadfield #003 96 VS Commodore A/FALT 254.327 259.067
Bernie Kelly #011 67 Ford Mustang D/PRO 171.714 179.104
Mark Hadfield #044 67 Ford Mustang D/PRO 175.867 179.104
John Lynch #092 Belly Tank A/BFL 301.729 297.939
Ray Charlton #096 32 Ford Roadster C/STR 189.294 178.076
Wally James #128 67 Ford Mustang   187.402  
Steve Charlton #151 EF Falcon C/PRO 164.533 190.184
Steve Charlton #151 32 Ford Roadster C/STR 140.012 178.076
David Waight #155 23 Ford Roadster G/MR V4 88.226 Open
Bob Bowman #194 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 165.555 166.535
Norm Hardinge #201 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 185.404 190.003
Bob Ellis #202 65 XP Ford Falcon Coupe C/GCC 204.232 202.520
Mathew Saunders #207 Fiat Topolino E/GCC 126.404 Open
John Broughan #211 Belly Tank F/BGL 201.838 204.127
Steven Stamp #214 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 171.192 172.670
Terry Maloney #215 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 158.033 166.535
Trevor May #216 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 168.310 166.535
Neil Jacups #217 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 166.658 166.535
Ray Cooke #237 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 171.159 166.535
Luke Hadfield #242 67 Ford Mustang 180.469
Wayne Belot #247 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 188.600 190.003
Graham Cain #249 72 LJ Holden Torana D/GC 123.473 178.651
Norm Golgerth #250 72 LJ Holden Torana D/GC 121.114 178.651
John Dent #253 68 Ford Mustang A/GC 201.027 Open
Paul Broughan #259 Belly Tank F/BGL 197.834 204.127
Leo Monaghan #271 72 LJ Holden Torana D/GC 127.605 178.651
Lionel West #272 96 VS Commodore A/FALT 254.291 259.067
Nicholas Bown #274 86 VL Holden Commodore C/PRO 193.579 190.184
Don Noble #281 Nissan Sklyline F/GC 137.988 Open
Dennis Boundy #283 54 FJ Holden XO/PRO 106.332 111.124
Phil Stelling #285 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 180.108 190.184
Mark Bryan #292 69 XW Ford Falcon C/PRO 180.207 190.184
Colin Moore #294 72 LJ Holden Torana D/GC 132.821 178.651
Norm Bradshaw #295 68 Ford Mustang A/GC 202.440 Open
Aulis Soderblom #296 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 180.704 172.670
Robert Murdock #299 EL Falcon E/PRO 156.937 160.007
David Partridge #323 82 Mazda RX7 E/GT 128.077 146.127
Jason VanDyk #325 84 Pontiac Transam C/BFALT 206.967 171.428
Nathan Lambert #326 84 Pontiac Transam C/BFALT 196.506 171.428
James MacDonald #317 XB Falcon C/PRO 167.418 190.184
Adrian Reid #331 93 Falcon C/PRO 160.427 190.184
Derrick Borgas #335 80 XD Falcon A/GALT 211.665 238.331
Graeme Turner #346 80 XD Falcon A/GALT 210.133 238.331
Graeme De Courcy Cann #336 2005 Lakester H/GL 57.182 Open
Steven Vorwerk #343 International Truck U/DT 118.238 Open
Michael Bowden #360 72 HQ Holden Statesman B/PRO 175.781 173.210
David Lowe #369 2005 Lakester D/GL 125.505 Open
Grant Schlein #371 Suzuki Swift H/PRO 120.192 117.429
Daryl Chalmers #390 EF Falcon C/PRO 184.738 190.184
Dean Soderblom #395 28 Ford A Roadster CGMR 174.334 172.670
Wayne Pickles #397 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 182.260 190.184
Bob Sherry #400 86 VL Holden Commodore C/PRO 172.314 190.184
Gavin Manning #414 Ford Cargo Truck U/DT 133.769 Open
Don Hudson #417 HQ Holden Monaro A/GC 151.209 Open
John Sheard #419 2005 Lakester D/GL 80.717 Open
Tom Carroll #429 Nissan Bluebird G/PRO 99.811 117.527
Stewart Pennycook #430 EF Falcon C/PRO 169.523 190.184
Ryan Culpitt #438 Nissan Bluebird G/PRO 79.822 117.527
Robert Smith #440 VX Commodore 191.123
Rebeka Tucker #445 Suzuki Swift H/PRO 123.461 117.429
Adrian Tucker #446 Suzuki Swift H/PRO 123.338 117.429
James Sargent #448 VS Commodore 194.510
Lee Holdsworth #449 VS Commodore 143.950
Shane Lewis #451 HQ Statesman B/PRO 148.916 173.210
Justin Clarke #453 HQ Holden Monaro A/GC 147.831 Open
Fred Mitchell #455 EL Falcon E/PRO 154.030 160.007
Adam Rosenberg #456 EL Falcon E/PRO 159.010 160.007
Simon Davidson #460 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 127.968 190.003
Jason Boundy #462 FJ Holden XO/PRO 104.968 111.124
Adam Pickles #466 HK Monaro C/PRO 154.878 190.184
Todd Lehmann #467 International Truck U/DT 115.859 Open
Tina Hawley #468 VL Commodore C/PRO 126.262 190.184
Daniel Saunders #472 Fiat Topolino E/GCC 111.801 Open


Driver No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
Chris Fraser #120 Special Construction APS/BG 4400 141.978 Open
Max Hooper #144 70 Honda MPS/P F 750 103.460 Open
Max Hooper #144 70 Honda MC/F 1350 141.883
Boris Bennett #235 98 harley Davidson M/PG 1350 123.745 133.769
Craig Hartman #268 85 Suzuki APS/BF 1350 163.206 148.026
Gary Baker #282 99 Suzuki MPS F 1350 168.476 202.065
Phil Mumenthaler #303 78 Honda CBX M/G 1350 141.198 146.160
Phil Mumenthaler #303 78 Honda CBX M/BF 1350 82.591 159.602
Stuart Penn #304 55 Vincent A VBF 1000 112.542 Open
Grant Schlein #371 Suzuki GSX 1300R MPS G 1350 196.206 204.603
Grant Schlein #371 Suzuki GSX P P 1350 198.347 196.420
Paul Rogers #372 2004 XB 12R Buelle P PP 1350 140.292 125.243
Greg Watters #379 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS BG 1350 223.325 173.845
Chris Matheson #380 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS G 1350 173.235 204.603
Roland Skate #388 78 Honda CBX M G 1350 142.472 146.160
Roland Skate #388 78 Honda CBX M BF-1350 99.228 159.602
Roland Skate #388 78 Honda CBX M F 1350 143.266 Open
Steven Barnett #391 72 Suzuki GT 750 MPS G 750 155.925 Open
Gary Peterson #394 2000 Suzuki GSX 1300R MPS G 1650 217.443 175.750
Bill Brice #411 42 Harley Davidson M VF 500 112.923 Open
Bill Brice #411 42 Harley Davidson M VG 500 63.073 Open
Ross Foreman #428 90 Kawasaki SC G 1000 121.967 Open
Andrew Rogers #431 80 Suzuki M BG 1000 114.434 Open
Evelyne Scholz #443 82 Yamaha M G 350 120.417 Open
Dave McLachlan #444 82 Yamaha MPS G 350 129.533 Open
Karl Pegg #450 90 Yamaha P P 100 67.765 Open
Phillip Ryan #452 64 Bultaco P P G 350 103.507 Open

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PHOTOS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Report  Results  Photos